All About Sunless Tanning

Gone are the days when the service of the sun was indispensable for the purpose of getting a tan. Nowadays you can get a handsome tan merely sitting within the plush interiors of your home. It was in the late 1960s that a new era in the history of tanning began. That was when the first of the artificial tanning products was brought into existence.


Now, you have plethora of options in your hands. Sunless tanning products range from pills, lotions to table-top face tanners and tanning beds. All such products have a single agenda which is to impart a tanned look to your body. You have the liberty to choose from an entire range depending on your specific needs. It is up to your own preferences which one you opt for. However, some of them are more advantageous than others. Using a tanning bed is more cumbersome compared to taking a pill, though both serve the same end in the long run. Applying tanning lotion is also relatively less problematic.


These products are almost as effective as the sun in giving you a tan. The technology involved in them is also imitative of the sun’s natural tanning process. In one aspect they score higher than natural tanning. Sitting or lying long under the sun increases the risk of cancerous growth in your skin. Also, on the beauty front, the sun proves to be a capricious performer as it often gives an uneven tan. You have to twist and turn from time to time to even it out. In case of sunless tanning, you do not have to shoulder any extra burden. Inside the tanning bed or in front of the face tanner, all you have to do is to lie or sit relaxed. These machines automatically give you an even tan. It is further easier with pills or lotions. The only problem is you may feel some initial itching or tingling sensation. But this is hardly harmful and does not induce carcinogenic growth in your skin.