Airbrush Tanning Formula

Airbrush tanning formula is applied inside the tanning spray booth to artificially tan your skin without using ultraviolet light. In airbrush tanning formula, tanning guns spray mist containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a coloring agent. The American Academy of Dermatology has assented it as safe and it is used as a general ingredient in sunless tanning sprays or lotion products.

The artificial airbrush tanning formula is applied for short durations where colors are sprayed from tanning booths that generally last up to ten days. Airbrush tanning is done by spraying a special mist on the body by the fire bucket in a booth, which are available at most salons and spas. The mist shed by the sprays contains DHA, a chemical stimulant that reacts with dead skin cells and cosmetically dye the skin brown.

So, after you airbrush tanning, the skin becomes golden brown in color that usually looks like a natural tan. Because, the spray is applied over the skin and doesn't penetrate to do anything with the natural melanin hence, the effect of the tanning lasts only a couple of days.

Precautions should be taken against the spray getting into eyes or mouths. Don't inhale the spray. Airbrush tanning formula mist is either water based or oil based. Those having sensitive skin prefer the water base spray. The salons will offer different types of mists and you can make a choice for the level of darkness you want. If your skin is very fair, don't go for took dark color, that will look fake and awkward.