Advice on Taking a Tan

Although using tanning beds is a safe alternative for those who cant or do not wish to go get a tan on the beach, tanning beds pose a significant threat if not used properly. Tanning beds produce ultraviolet radiation just as the sun does. A tanning session in a professionally run and maintained tanning saloon can provide a very good and effective tan.

Tanning beds need to be maintained hygienically. The operators should be well versed and trained in using the tanning beds.

The following are certain tips and pieces of advice on how to get the best out of your tanning session at a tanning saloon.

You should limit the exposure time to your skin to a level that is considered safe. Extended sessions at a tanning saloon may not be beneficial.

The intensity and type of UV radiation that you receive in a tanning saloon should be well controlled. Moderate UV radiation with low intensity UV B rays will provide you with a better and longer lasting tan.

Always make sure that you wear a pair of especially made goggles to protect your eyes when you are taking a tan at a tanning saloon.

Apply a lip balm on you lips to keep them from getting dry or chapped.

If you want to take a naked tan, make sure that the intensity of the rays are increased gradually on those areas of your body that generally remain covered.

If you are under any kind of medications consult your family doctor or pharmacist. There are certain medicines that may cause reactions with UV light. It is better not to take a tan if you are using any such medication.

Using a good quality moisturizer and a tanning lotion is very important for your skin as this prevents your skin from drying out.

If you uncomfortable while taking a tan make sure that, you talk to your dermatologist or physician. There may be certain underlying health conditions that you are suffering from.