110 V Tanning Bed

Though there are various models of the tanning booths but the 110 v tanning bed is only meant for home because the salon tanning products use high voltage tanning beds. Some of the manufacturers that produce the 110 v tanning beds are Tropical Rayz Standard Frame Pro Model, Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds, SunQuest 14SE Wolff Tanning Beds, and alike imbibed with various features.

Wolff Sunquest is a 24 bulbs 110 v tanning bed with features having 14 and 16 lamp units. It also has a high tech digital timer to trace time.

  • Digital security timer for monitoring standard timer of accurate session timing.
  • Convenient stand up tanning models are also available.
  • Built-in stereo speakers for connecting to your own stereo.
  • Only 15 -20 minutes tanning session time.

The Pacifica 110 v tanning bed delivers incredible tanning results in 15 minutes only. This model comes in a very stylish aqua blue color and has features like:

  • 160 W bulbs in Canopy
  • 100 W bulbs in Bench
  • 400 W facials bulbs
  • Built in T-Max Timer

The Soltech Pro 20 is an indoor home tanning bed designed in the form of commercial ones. The tanning beds need only 110 V and have twenty sun reflector lamps with facials tanning lamps. The other features are:

  • A digital timer with body fan
  • Frosted Acrylics
  • 25 minutes of tanning session

It is often said that 110 v tanning beds are not good performers which is not true since they perform well to the satisfactory level. And they are the best tanning beds under the lower price range.