Used Tanning Beds for Sale

Used tanning beds are available for sale at the locations of various distributors and retailers. There is a very active market for used tanning beds. These tanning beds are significantly cheaper than new tanning beds.

Opting for used tanning beds may sometimes be a risky business because you have to be very careful and make sure that you have the bed thoroughly checked before you actually make a purchase.

You have to ask yourself certain questions before you purchase a used tanning bed. Is the bed under a warranty? Have you got the bed checked thoroughly before making a purchase?

If you are sure about the answers to these questions and are confident that you are making the right decision, then you should go ahead and make a purchase.

A number of suppliers refurbish and repair used beds. Check out the beds available at these suppliers, as although these are slightly more expensive than used tanning beds, these are comparatively cheaper than new tanning beds.

There are certain tips and pieces of advice that you should follow when you evaluate a used tanning bed.

Used tanning beds may have vaulting defect. Remember that you have to make sure that such defects o not exist. The seller may not inform you about them. It is a simple matter of Caveat emptor or let the buyer beware.

You should find out why the seller wishes to sell off the used tanning bed. 

Used tanning beds are not covered by a warranty unless it has been refurbished or repaired. You do not want to land up paying more money for repairs than you would have spent on a new bed.

Take into consideration all of the factors before you make a purchase.

Make sure that you check out the following at the time of evaluating a used tanning bed

1. When was the bed manufactured? If it was a very long time ago, you may not get the replacement parts and service.

2. Are there any parts that are missing or defective?
3. Make sure that the tanning bed gives a decent tan within 30 minutes.
4. Make sure that the lamps are in good working condition.