Tanning Beds on Monthly installments may be best for you!

When people have to visit the tanning bed salons, they just do not feel comfortable lying down on the beds where a short while ago other people had laid. Though they want to tan their body in the comforts of salon, they do not feel like using their beds and cannot enjoy the tanning process in the salon. Apart from beds, there are also some reservations about paying monthly fee and at the end of the day, they end up in tanning bed stores and purchase their desired tanning bed by paying some down payment which is followed by the low monthly installments.

Since your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the tanning bed on cash payment, there is this option of installments. This facility of credit is not available only for brand new tanning beds but also on used ones. However, you to look for the best bargain and for this, you have to do a lot of your homework. You have to approach many suppliers for the lowest interest rates. The interest on these installments is usually low which may save you good money. Once you get a tanning bed of your own, you will be saved from visiting the salons and it will also save you the money.

As for the charges of tanning beds at salons, they vary from salons to salons and are decided by the Salons with the view of what facilities they provide to their customers. Generally they charge around 10 to 12 dollars per tan. Some of the salons are charging even more in the name of better facilities which prove to be a costly affair every month. In the event of you going three sessions a week, it means you will have to shell out big money. So it is always advisable to go for your own tanning bed and that will prove to be much economical for you.

Some salons also come up with the benefit of package deals. They will tell you to pay a lump sum of 50 to 65 dollars on monthly basis and the tanning is not restricted to any time limit on this amount. The main drawback that you might face in such kind of setup is that you lose a lot of time and money and ultimately you are on the loss side.

After all these, it is concluded that you should purchase your own tanning bed. The amount will be less than you pay at the salon. And by doing so, you save both time and money by paying low monthly installments. It may also be a good news that you can leave the house for work after a morning tan while the salons still are closed and this is the advantage of having your personal tanning bed.