Tanning Beds may damage the glow of your skin!

It is a well established fact that ultraviolet rays of sun harm you in some way or the other. People are well aware of the harmful effects of the sun and they have had, at times, many warnings from doctors and other sources about the harmful effects. Despite all these, a lot of people have the direct exposure of sun on the beach just to get the perfect tan. They are least bothered about the dangerous effects and it becomes all the more harmful when skin is fair and delicate and they definitely multiply their dangers.

Now there is no doubt about the tanning being harmful. And it does not make much difference whether the tanning is from sun or from bed tanning. In both ways, tanning is equally harmful. Since tanning causes skin damage, it creates problems all the more when it is prolonged and in the long run causes skin cancer.

Now there is no second opinion that ultraviolet radiation causes cancer which is also called malignant melanoma. This is a initial form of cancer. People who have fair skin are more prone to it and they have to protect their skin from the exposure to the ultraviolet rays. The people who have excess exposure to ultra violet rays show premature aging. With the passage of time, wrinkles appear on the skin and it looks very rough with the passage of time.

Ultra violet rays have many other harmful effects too. These rays cause a chapped skin and the skin gives an irritated look. The skin tends to look bad after every tanning session. Ultra violet rays also have the capability to damage your immune system and it is all the more harmful for teenagers.

If you want a healthy glow of skin, keep yourself away from the bed tanning. It is a fact that tanning bed can never give you the healthy glow that nature can provide.