Tanning Beds are as harmful as Sun!

People are well aware of the harmful effects of the sun and they have, at times, been warned about these effects. Nevertheless, a lot of people position themselves to the sun on the beach just to get the perfect tan. They are least bothered about the dangerous effects and it becomes all the more harmful when skin is fair and delicate and they definitely multiply their dangers.

It is a know fact that sun has some adverse effects on your skin. Dermatologists have waned about the dangers of the sun confirming that ultra violet sun rays lead you to skin cancer and aging. You need to use the sun block to counter these harmful effects.

In fact, most people are under impression that sun tanning will benefit them in various ways and they are tempted to go for it. To achieve their goal, they use tanning beds specially, when they do not have the access to beach. Tanning beds become more popular specially, in winter. Although they are well aware of their adverse effects, they just go for it.

When it comes to comparing the harmful effects between sun and tanning beds, both have the same harmful effects. It is advisable you have to use the tanning beds in a cautious manner like you use the sun. People with fair skin should never go for the tanning beds in the same manner as they avoid the sunlight.

In case you have dark skin, it is still not advisable to be under sun for long hours. Due to the intensity of over-exposure, dangers may be many fold and the foremost danger is skin burn.