Tanning Bed is equally harmful!

Tanning has become a world wide phenomenon lately. There are a lot of researches going on the tanning and the researchers are coming up with some interesting stories about tanning.

The negative effects that come with the tanning beds cannot be ignored easily and they are well documented.

The very important fact about tanning beds is that they cannot eradicate the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays altogether. People are well aware that sun has a combination of UV and UB rays which can cause early aging and skin cancer. The fact of the mater is that tanning beds also emit ultraviolet rays. However, one positive point with tanning beds is that there is minimum exposure of UVB rays in tanning beds. And this single advantage cannot deny the fact that ultraviolet rays exist in tanning beds.

Now we come to the point of how tanning beds are harmful for your skin. Since tanning beds increase exposure to UV rays and these UV rays with long wavelengths penetrate the deep layers of the skin. This is done to speed up the tanning process and is very harmful for fair skin. The reason is that fair skin burns in an easy way and this causes more burns than tanning. This ultimately speeds up the aging process and sometimes results in skin cancer.  

Now, when you visit the tanning salon, do not forget to take the tanning solution along with you. This lotion will act as a protective cover on your body. As for the lotion, you should have a proper selection about the perfect protective tanning solution which may suit your skin type.