Tanning Bed Equipment: Gaining In Popularity

Tanning beds usually come with a series of features which make them more attractive to the consumers. For instance, they come with wholesale and discounted prices which also makes them very affordable, and therefore, very popular as well. Along with the relaxed tanning, customers are now focusing on complimentary equipments to make their tan time more enjoyable and luxurious to enhance the overall feeling of well being, characteristic of the procedure.

These products can range from accessories to the tanning bed to objects which merely provide a good accompaniment to the process. With manufacturers churning out upgraded and customized devices to meet the demands for a comprehensive tanning bed mate, the customers are, certainly, not complaining. 

Some of the very popular equipments include the ice bucket to keep drinks cold while in the tanning bed or “ergonomically” designed pillows to improve the comfort while lying in it. Goggles for eye protection are also very popular. This is also a very healthy thing to do, as it helps prevent eye damage from the UV rays emitted in the bed. A six bulb, single layer tanner can also be used as a cheaper alternative to tanning equipments, although the tanning is confined to one particular side as it is on a stand.

This is the ideal product for customers who do not have room for an entire tanning bed, and would rather fold the device up for storage, and allows them to use the product as and when needed. Face tanners are also quite popular, and is often used as a cheaper alternative to the tanning bed, and can be kept on a dresser or table to be used as per your requirements.

Home tanning equipment can be found in a range of sizes to fit the budget and also spaces. Modern units blend technology with style to give the units an added allure. With more and more choices in appearance and function, the manufacturers hope to attract more customers. The equipments now come with multiple levels of tanning options with low, medium, and high pressure levels.

Tanning time controllers can also be customized with certain equipments where salon owners are allowed to choose their own session timing. With more lamps in the canopy and also the bottom of the bed, clients get a more intense and quicker tan, while varied lengths and shoulder lamps allow the customer to get an overall tan without having to change tanning units.

Additional tanning bed equipments include advanced lamp and filter system, digital stereo system, aromatherapy, massage, cooling mist, easy touch controls, electronic diagnostics to help with maintenance, advanced body cooling, and integrated ventilation system. With all these and more, tanning beds are no longer simple tanning contraptions. They, in fact, are a lifestyle statement with double the glamour.