Intereseted In Ovation Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds are also popular with the name, sun bed. In a tanning bed, you are exposed to the ultraviolet radiations while lieing down on your back. You will get a good range of tanning beds in the market. But, you will rarely find the one comparable to the matchless class of the ovation tanning beds. Ovation tanning beds, in fact, are a big rage.

The assortment of ovation tanning beds is huge. Many types of ovation tanning beds are available that can be used either at home, salon or at both. You can easily select from the different models of ovation tanning beds that fulfills your needs. The ease of use of these ovation tanning beds has made them extremely popular among the masses.

Excellent quality material has been used in the manufacturing of these ovation tanning beds. In addition, implementation of innovative technologies also guarantees the superlative quality of the ovation tanning beds. These ovation tanning beds come with the assurance of absolutely no side effects.

Some popular models of ovation tanning beds

Ovation 124 Series

The 124 series of ovation tanning beds is diminutive vis-a-vis other tanning beds. But, thier features are simililar to the bigger series ovation tanning beds. So far as tanning in salon and home goes, the 124 series ovation tanning beds are super hit products. All models of this series have the European fashioned bed. They provide the tan period of exactly 20 minutes. They are also very simple to use with comfortable entry and exit.

Ovation 128 Series

The 128 series of ovation tanning beds is truly synonymous with the term "value". All ovation tanning beds of this series are brilliantly designed and reasonably priced. The Everglo lamps are used in these beds which are of very high quality. Some manufacturers claime that their tanning beds are welded, which, in reality, actually may not be the case. So, do not get cheated with those tanning beds that are bolted together. All ovation tanning beds are carefully welded and beautifully painted. Hence, the ovation 128 series tanning beds are here to serve you for a long time.

Ovation 134 Series

The models available in the 134 series of ovation tanning beds are among the top sold tanning beds, commercially. The Ovation 134 series requires the room size of 7' x 8' to easily fit in. This series has been specially designed in various lamp arrangements to cater to all your salon needs. It provides three time periods, i.e., 10, 15 and 20 minutes, from which you can choose the required tanning period. Made only from steel, the ovation tanning beds definitely last for a long time.

Apart from these, there also exists other ovation tanning beds series like Ovation 134 VLR, Ovation 144, etc., which are also extremely popular all around.