ETS Tanning Beds: Quality Products

Tanning beds are much in demand the world over. There are various players in the market. ETS is the world's largest supplier of Wolff system tanning beds, products, and accessories. The company also specializes in dispensing customized business advice in relevance to the industry along with a keen eye to providing the latest in tanning beds, equipments, and products. Founded by Trevor and Edna Grey; ETS was incorporated in July of 1984.

Originally, the business was concerned with only sun beds and tanning products which continued to grow over the years with unmatched personalized service managed by a team that strictly believe in the “Customer Satisfaction - whatever it takes” philosophy towards customer service. The company quickly evolved from a regional distributor operation into its current status as leading world supplier of tanning products.

One of the most popular products on offer from ETS is the tanning bed. Now, a tanning bed or a sun bed is a device which emits ultraviolet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. The beds use several fluorescent lamps which have phosphor blends designed to emit UV rays in a spectrum. While home tanning beds typically have 12 to 28 watt lamps; in salons, the lamps can run from 24 to 60 lamps each consuming 100 to 200 watt.

The maximum exposure time is most tanning beds is 20 minutes, but varies from bed to bed as the manufacturer calculated the time to produce 4 MEDs (minimal erthymal doses) which is basically about two times the UV rays required to produce the reddening on unexposed skin, thus, ensuring proper tanning for your skin.

ETS's range of tanning beds offer tanning along with several other physical health benefits such as: production of vitamin D in the skin, induce positive feelings, useful for treatment of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), provides a natural SPF between 2 and 4, reduces chances of sunburn, psoriasis and eczema can be treated, and helps in eliminating acne.

One of the ETS's most famous sun bed product is the “Sunquest”; lightweight and convenient and works on all dedicated standard household circuits. The beds also come with a security timer and also a protective grid for the canopy. But, what really separates the product is its portability. It features hinge control which works on gas shocks powered by patent “hydro lift” technology which makes it adjustable to the user's height.

The same technology allows the user to adjust the angles of the canopy to complete side-to-side bronzing coverage. The bed can also be folded vertically and rolled into a cabinet for storage, and are also quite compact at 15 square ft when set up which is about 1/3 of the place commonly taken by other tanning beds.

So, with both medical and practical benefits and also the “feel good” sensation which a tanning bed induces, it could be said that ETS has a superior product in terms of usability and also personal satisfaction. As the world's largest distributor of the beds, it’s not at all hard to see how it achieved the status with these incredible products.