Tan As Per Your Skin Type

Most people do not know much about it but different types of skins react differently to the process of tanning. To what extent would it be sensitive to exposure to sun is something which is genetically determined. Your genes determine to what extent your skin would get protected from tanning. Hence, before you decide to get a tan, it is better that you know your skin type.

Skin Type 1:
Those who have pale or white skin, with accompanying green or blue eyes, red hair and freckles fall into type 1. Skin of this category is the most sensitive of all skin types. It never tans but always burns when exposed to sunrays for a prolonged length of time. People with type 1 skin should avoid both indoor as well as outdoor skin tans.

Skin Type 2:
People who have beige colored skin; light brown or blonde hair; grey or blue eyes and some freckles have type 2 skin. Such a skin type usually gets affected by sunburn when exposed to the sun for long periods. However, it gets tanned on a few occasions.

Skin Type 3:
People who have light brown skin, with accompanying brown hair and eyes fall into type 3. Type 3 skin would usually get tanned. However, on occasions, it gets burnt after getting over-exposed to sun’s rays.

Skin Type 4: 
Those whose skin is olive or light brown in color, and who have dark brown hair and eyes have type 4 skin. Type 4 skin gets tanned very easily, without any extra effort. Also, chances of the skin getting burned are only minor.

Skin Type 5:
People whose skin is brown in color, have dark brown eyes and hair fall into type 5. Type 5 skin gets tanned very easily and rarely gets burned on over exposure to sun’s rays.

Skin Type 6:
People whose skin is black in color, and who have black-brown hair and eyes fall into the last category of skin types. This category will not reflect tan color and would rarely burn on being over-exposed to the rays of the sun.

The information given above is only for indicative purposes. It might differ only slightly when you will get it tested during your visit to a salon. There is a specific skin type formula used in salons to determine tanning sensitivity.

Based on the type of your skin you need to choose the length of exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or staying in an indoor tan-bed. Not following these instructions might cost you painfully burnt, reddened and itchy skin.