The Magic Of Sunless Tanning Lotion

The sun tanned look is in! All around the world, people are trying to get the best sun tan. While your skin may not be receiving the best sun tan by itself, you can use the sunless tanning lotion to increase the amount of tan you get exponentially. What is more, you do not even need to spend hours waiting under the sunlight. It is the sunless tanning lotion after all!

You might need that sun tanned look for a single special evening or you might be in the need to sport that look for an entire festive season. Some people even think that they can do with a life long tanned look. While there are a number of tanning methods, the modern sunless tanning lotion can be used with all the methods be they traditional ones like sitting out in sun or new modern sunless tanning methods.

The ultraviolet rays which lead to sun tan consist of two main types of rays. The 290 – 320 spectrum consists of UVB rays and 320 – 400 nm spectrum consists of UVA rays. While both of them can affect our skin very badly in case of over exposure, the UVB rays can be easily protected against. This is done by using a sunscreen included in tanning lotion. Remember to apply sunscreen in case it is not included in the lotion.

The natural way of protection of our skin from radiation damage is by production of melanin. Melanin has the ability to absorb that damaging radiation. The suntan is actually the production of Melanin. Exposing ourselves to UV radiation kicks in our skin’s melanin producing abilities and the skin, in order to protect itself generates melanin pigments which get accumulated and give suntanned look. Lotion is a catalyst in this process.

You need to prepare your skin before you apply sunless tanning lotion. It is advised that you thoroughly clean your skin and exfoliate the skin of those perts of your body where you shall apply the lotion.

Finally a bonus tip, the sunless tanning lotion can deliver the best results if applied in circular motion.