Indoor Tanning Lotions are any day better!

Tanning lotions are available in the market in a large variety. Tanning oils and various other products are also used alongside tanning lotions in a perfect way inside the tanner. These products are not only meant for indoor tanning but for suntan also. Since the tanning sessions involve that artificial radiations, tanning sessions, at times, seem to be difficult.

When the tanning lamps are in process, they leave a lot of side effects on the person because of UV radiations. Tanning lotions are very important in the environment of heated tanning bed and act as a protection cover against the complications that are caused due to tanning. Since the dry skin is subject to rashes and sunburns, the red rashes are the major symptoms of tanning side effects.

Tanning lotions have come under a lot of scrutiny and there is a lot of research going on in this area. With different formulas, these lotions are manufactured to minimize the harmful effects of tanning. According to the American institute of dermatology, tanning lotion has proved to be very important in indoor tanning process. The tanning lotions which use SPF formula stop sunburns since they hamper the penetration of harmful UV rays inside the epidermis of the

The SPF tanning lotions consist of zinc oxide which acts very effectively in the protection of skin against the henius UV rays that are the prime cause of skin cancer. The indoor tanning lotions consist of a chemical called dehydroxyacetone [DHA]. This formula makes the tanning procedure safe.

It should also be kept in mind that acceleration is an important factor in the area of tanning. Since acceleration is important for the increment of speed in the area of tanning, it reduces the exposure under the tanning lamps. It also causes less risk in the area of moderate tanning and you can have a beautiful dark tan of your choice.  The hydrating particles in the tanning lotion maintain a balance in the moisture which prevents wrinkles and dryness from occurring. The tanning lotions also supply nutrients to your skin and make the skin soft. These lotions contain amino acid tyrosine which gives a very good tan.