Indoor Lotion Tanning

Indoor lotion tanning products use moisturizers and nutritional supplements to give your skin a glowing tan. The indoor lotion tanning products have added another milestone to enhance the tan process and give a safe copper tone to your skin. The indoor lotion tanning products are different from sun tanning lotions. They have new formulae to improve your skin and protect it from acne and other skin disorders. The skin gets tanned effectively with the indoor lotion tanning products and they are widely in use for their safety measures. Some of the major products of tanning lotion are- Australian Gold, Supre, Swedish Beauty, Fiji Blend, California Tan, Designer Skin, Faux tan and many more.

Usefulness of tanning lotions:

* The tanning lotions not only protect your skin from the harmful radiations of ultraviolet rays but also enhance the tan, making the skin look better and gorgeous.

* Generally, tanning is sometimes accompanied by loss of moisture in skin, rashes or sunburn. The use of tanning lotions reduces the possibilities of such dangers.
* Saves your time because it moisturizes skin and that process is more quick than tanning without lotions.

The characteristics of best sunless tanning lotion are:

# It should have both the SPF and DHA formula to protect sunburn and also exaggerate the tan.
# It must provide the desirable moisture content needed for the tan.
# It must provide the supply of nutrients for protecting the skin.
# It must provide anti-aging with carotenoids and beta-carotene.
# It must not result in an orange tone.
# It must not have color or artificial dye ingredients in it.