Best Self Tanning Lotion

Best self tanning lotion has all the ingredients that make the tan perfect and protect the skin, giving it the natural golden glow. The best tanning lotion contains both, the sunscreen protection and the tanning enhancement formula.

You can choose any one of the products like R-SUN tanning products, POWER TAN products, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Fiji Blend, California Tan, Designer Skin, Faux tan and alike as the best self tanning lotion.

The tanning lotion comes under two varieties- One is with the SPF formula and the other is with the DHA formula. The former protects from sunburn with sunscreen protection and the latter has dehydroxyacetone formula to enhance the tan in short time. Some lotions use both the formulae to protect the skin as well as increase the tan in short intervals. The DHA formula reduces the timing of tan thus reducing the possibility of excessive penetration of the harmful ultraviolet radiation that may be the reason of diseases of epidermis.

The best self tanning lotion has will always had three step formulae, so buy the product that has the formula of hydrating and deeply moisturizing the skin to maintain the level of proper tan, nutrition in the bottles to replenish the vitamins that are necessary for skin cells and lastly oxygenation as a fuel to cells, for accelerating tanning.

It is a good choice for all skin types and they are packed with the right ingredients for fast, dark tanning results and protection from the adverse effects of UV exposure.