Wolff Tanning Lamps

Wolff tanning lamps by Wolff System Technology Corporation are some of the most efficient reflector lamps for tanning beds that are available in the market today. Tanning bulbs play an important role in the tanning process and the importance of having the right bulb or reflector lamp cannot be over emphasized.

Wolff tanning lamps regulate the amplitude of the ultraviolet rays thus preventing sunburn, acne, or other skin disorders. The quality of the tan depends on the tanning bed bulbs. The bulbs are the main source of the UV radiation that stimulates the melanin content of your skin. The Wolff tanning lamps enjoy an incontestable reputation for performance and reliability.

Before you buy a sunless tanning product such as a tanning bed, you should  know certain facts about the lamps with which the tanning bed is equipped. The self-tan tanning bed bulbs are of various kind and they are of prime importance in tanning.

* Tanning bed bulbs mimic the radiation of the sun. The sun emits three kinds of radiations: UVA, UVB and UVC. The tanning bulbs produce the UVB and UVA wavelengths, which help in a healthy tan. UVB light is the starter of the tanning process by stimulating melanin development. UVA at a slower pace completes the required tanning process.

* Bulbs, which have a lower UVB, will actually make you darker but in a little longer time, whereas higher UVB bulbs will result in a faster yet lighter tan.

*The Bronzing bulbs have a lower level of UVB and they will give you a darker tan in a shorter period of time. Bronzing bulbs are different from hot bulbs. The hot bulbs are actually the opposite of bronzing bulbs. Hot tanning bed bulbs have a higher level of UVB and lesser level of UVA.

Generally, most of the tanning bed bulbs are rated and approved for 1000 hours of use. It is however recommended that the bulbs be replaced after six to eight hundred hours of usage.