Wolff Tanning Beds

Wolff is the most reputed tanning bed manufacturer in the market. The company was established in 1978 by Friedrich Wolff who was a scientist by profession. Wolff researched long before he set foot in the American market. Since the very beginning, his products were a cut above the rest. The company carried forth the tradition of excellence into modern times. Their products are still marked by a distinct level of technological accomplishment.

Wolff tanning beds are available in both of the two salient versions—home tanning beds and commercial tanning beds. The company produces four models of beds for home use. They are easy to operate and are reasonably priced. However, Wolff’s forte lies in the range made for the salons. Their commercial tanning beds are a raging success everywhere. This specific range from Wolff can be divided in several types. You will see Sundome Booth, SunVision Elite and SunVision Pro lined one after another in the same salon. Also, there is the super range, including StarPower, SunStar and Solaris models. All of these models provide satisfactory service, in the process making Wolff a household name all over.

The Wolff tanning beds are exclusively manufactured by licensed workshops. While manufacturing, they adhere to a very high standard which characterizes their entire range. Besides, Wolff provides extensive warranty schemes on purchase of its products. Every Wolff bed comes with advanced features such as in-built cooling systems and digital timers.

Given the breathless life in today’s era, you must resort to tanning beds if you want a tan, as time is too dear. You will do well to choose one from the Wolff range. They are the best options available in the market. Just bring home a Wolff bed, sit relaxed inside it for the recommended span, and come out sporting a beautiful tan.