The Unpleasant Effects Of Tanning Beds

All over the world, health care experts are shouting themselves hoarse that tanning beds are not really as great as their makers claim them to be. There are a number of effects of the tanning bed. According a to a report published by the British Broadcasting Corporation, doctors have asked for putting regulations over the production and sale of these tanning beds because they are known to lead to skin disorders and other diseases to people who use them.

The most common problem suffered by people who use tanning beds is Malignant Melanoma. It is a kind of skin cancer. This cancer infects those cells in our skin which are responsible for the skin pigmentation. Malignant Melanoma has been slowly and gradually taking more and more people in its grip and in the last 40 years, the conditions have gone from bad to worse. Today it is the killer of eighty percent of people in United States who fall prey to skin cancer.

Another disease that is a by product of the usage of tanning beds is Basal Cell Carcinoma. It is another very common type of the dreaded skin cancer. It can lead to discoloration of skin especially forming a lump on the skin which is either colored pink or red. They commonly pop up at areas like your face, nose, ears or they might appear on your scalp. Some people are known to confuse it with acne and ignore it until it is too late.

The truth is that these beds use ultra violet radiation to tan your skin. Exposure to most of the kinds of radiation has really bad effects on human health and prolonged exposure to ultra violet radiation is not out of this list. What is more, excessive exposure to Ultra Violet rays can even lead to damage to your eyes. The reason behind this is that the intensity of radiation that comes out of a tanning machine is higher than what your body receives by sun tanning.

It is therefore recommended that you consult with your physician before purchasing a tanning bed.