Tanning Salons are equally harmful!

A lot of people tan their bodies at the tanning salons since they are under the impression that it is safe. The fact is that tanning beds and sunlamps are as dangerous as the sun rays itself. Since the harmful rays of the sun are one of the major causes of skin cancer, it is better to avoid the over-exposure of them. It is a well established fact that all living things need sun to survive. However, over-exposure to sun may have some adverse effects on you and you are prone to various diseases. Over-exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun causes skin cancer, so the salons may be the best option for tanning.

In the salons, the bulbs that are used emit UVA and UVB radiations and these radiations are also found in the sun rays. Both these radiations are the prime cause of melanoma and nonmelanomia type of cancers. The main disadvantage of tanning bulbs is that they damage the DNA leading to cancer in most of the cases.

Another damage that tanning can cause is aging of the skin. It ages the skin before time and the biggest drawback with tanning is that there is a continual process of skin damage. Every time you tan, you get a damaged skin and this damage gets accumulated with time and ultimately takes the form of skin cancer and permanent aging. Both these things are disastrous for the body and you can never have a safe tanning.

Now there is no doubt that the tanning is harmful and it doesn’t make much difference whether it is done in the salons are in the open on the beach under the sun or on the tanning bed. A lot of women and men are derived to the salons thinking that it is less harmful and they are doing nothing but just inviting a lot of diseases like cancer and other ailments. One of the biggest drawbacks with the tanning is melanoma which proves to be fatal if not diagnosed in time. The younger generation is the worst affected as they simply go by trend.