Tanning Beds – Varieties are aplenty

There are several varieties of tanning beds available in the market and the manufacturers have two purposed in mind before manufacturing them and they are commercial purposes and home purposes. Apart from these, you can also get one more quality in tanning beds and that is standing tanning beds.
With improvement being effected in every commodity with each passing day, tanning beds are also no exception.  In order to provide variety to their customers, the
manufacturers always come up with some innovations or the other in tanning beds. There is another quality called clamshell tanning bed available in the market. These beds are lined with ultraviolet tubular lamps. Along with this bed, there is also a plastic or glass bench available for your comfort. You just have to lie down, close your eyes and relax. The UV rays will penetrate through the skin and this will give you the perfect tan. For getting an even and good tan, it is the best tanning bed available in the market.
After you have obtained your desired tanning bed, there comes the tanning bed lotion next.
It is very important to have a good tanning bed lotion for giving you the perfect comfort. It will act as a protection cover for the harmful UV rays. You can use this lotion even if you are using the stand up model of the tanning bed. This is also called the tanning booth. All you have to do is to go inside the booth. Close the door and you will have tanning bulbs all around you. These are called UV bulbs. The tanning booth is generally circular in design which allows the rays flow on the surface of the body on all directions. This tanning booth proves to be double faster than the clamshell tanning bed.

There is also one tanning bed called high circulation tanning bed. This tanning bed will blast you with more UA rays and emits less UB rays. The best property of this is that the lamps are made of quartz which has a good property to prevent harmful UV rays in case of standing tanning beds. This bed is suitable for dark tone skin. These tanning bed booths have open cage construction patterns and do not have the doors.

Now with all these varieties at your disposal, you can easily decide what type of tanning bed you need for your comfort.