Tanning Beds: The Other face Of the Coin

Are you aware of the fact that if you use tanning beds in an improper manner, they can turn out to be very dangerous? Most, if not all the tanning beds emit dangerously high levels of ultraviolet radiation. This high level of radiation has been studied and it was found that it has a number of bad effects including premature aging. If used in a grossly irresponsible manner, these tanning beds can lead to sun burn like skin problems.

It is also found that the over usage of sun tanning beds can cause damage to the immune system of human body. Immune system, by the way is that system of our body which helps us fight against the diseases that attack out body. Another risk is causing drug induced or cosmetic photo sensitivity. In isolated but worst cases, the tanning beds are also known to have caused skin cancer.

The tanning beds affect the very basic building block of our body, They affect the DNA of human body.  In case of overexposure to the ultraviolet radiation, even the eyes get affected. It can cause, damage to the retina and even burn the cornea in our eye.  In some cases, it has changed the structure of the lens of eye leading to clouded vision.  This cloudiness has gradually grown into cataract of the eye.

As told earlier, in the worst case, the skin damage has gone as far as causing skin cancer. Dermatologists say that people who have a fair skin and light pigmentation are most prone to such case. If you have such a skin tone with pigmentation, it is recommended you should be extremely cautious when using tanning beds. It can lead to three different types of cancers including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

If you come from a family which has cancer history, you must be very careful while using tanning beds.  There are some simple and easy steps which you must understand and undertake in order to avoid having to face the world. Remember that while beauty is important, it cannot trump safety.