Tanning Bed Distributors

Tanning bed distributors stock a wide range of indoor tanning beds that can be used at homes as well as professional saloons.

Tanning beds have become popular because of research that was carried out that direct exposure to the sun may result in melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Indoor tanning solutions are supposed to be a more controlled means of acquiring a tan.

Distributors carry a wide range of products, such as tanning beds, tanning lotions, facial tanners and spray tanning equipment. There is a high demand of such products as there has been a terrific growth in tanning services.

Tanning beds are available in both domestic and commercial configurations. The commercial tanning beds are configured for high traffic areas such as gyms, spas and commercial tanning booths. Domestic tanning beds are made for home use.

Some of the distributors of tanning beds and products are Tanning Resources, Prosun, Suntan Supply, Sunco Tanning, The American & European Tanning & Wellness Inc

These distributors stock the following models

 i) Tropical Rayz Standard Frame Pro Model
 ii)  PerfectTAN BIG Frame Pro Model
 iii) Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds
 iv) SunQuest 14SE Wolff Tanning Beds
 v) SunStar ZX30
 vi) Ovation series

A tanning bed distributor also offers other salon supplies, indoor tanning lotions, timing systems, tanning bed parts, replacement of lamps, and replacement of tanning bed acrylic.