How Tanning Beds Affect Your Eyes

The tanning bed is a new age beauty enhancement device. It is made by placing a number of tanning bulbs in an enclosed area. The individual who uses it has either to sand it it or lie down on a specially shaped bench. The usage of the bed is to sun tan your skin. These beds emit two types of sun tanning radiation - UVA and UVB. Primarily they emit the UVA radiation.

With ongoing research, the companies have started to make UV beds that follow the solar pattern more closely. This means that increased amount of UVB radiation is being emitted by these machines. The main aim behind this, according to the companies is to accelerate the tanning process.

Both the cornea and lens of human eye are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. When our eyes are exposed to this sunlight like light, the self adjusting mechanism of our eyes kicks in. It leads to constriction of pupil and squinting reflex. This is done in order to ensure that the amount of sun light reaching the inner portion of eyes is not enough to cause any damage to them.

Considering that the exposure to this artificial sunlight generated in the tanning bed takes place in strictly controlled condition, the light penetration control measures of our body give minimal reaction. This results in either Photokeratitis or Photoconjuctivitis. The former leads to inflammation of the cornea and latter leads to inflammation of conjuctiva in the eyes.

On the other hand when our eyes are overexposed to the UVB radiation, it leads to snow blindness and arc eyes. Studies have revealed that the exposure of radiation to our eyes in a tanning bed is around 100 times more than than in the natural sunlight. This means that prolonged exposure can lead to development of certain types of cataract.

All of us know that ultraviolet radiation can lead to cancer in human body. This means that an ever looming possibility of malignant melanoma is always present. You would need to use special eye protection every single time you step into a tanning bed or a tanning booth.