Commercial tanning bed

Indoor tanning has become a popular method of tanning. This is because there is no way to control the amount of radiation from the sun. Sunlight is a composition of two different types of radiation. These two types are UVA and UVB radiation.

UVA rays are the rays, which give us a tan. UVB rays help the body to generate Vitamin D. With commercial tanning beds, it is possible to control the composition of rays. UVA rays are useful from the point of view of cosmetic purposes. UVB rays on the other hand have therapeutic significance.

Since we can control the composition of light which is emitted from the diodes or bulbs in a Commercial tanning bed, these beds can be used for both cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes.

Commercial tanning beds are usually six to seven feet long and are available in two different types i.e. the capsule or the booth form.  The orientation of the capsule form is horizontal and the user can lie down in the bed while getting a tan. The booth is a horizontal form and the user stands up when getting a tan.

Commercial tanning beds are durable and in spite of rough handling do not need much care.  They are cost-effective in terms of maintenance and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Tanning beds can be made of either plastic or stainless steel. The beds made of steel are much more durable than the ones that are made of plastic. Some vendors provide the stainless steel beds with a lifetime warranty. Tanning beds are available in varying degrees of sophistication.

These beds come pre-fitted with UV lamps. The beds can be remotely connected and operated with a computer. Each bed has a digital timer, which monitors the time that the lamps have been used.
The internet is full of various offers by the vendors and manufacturers of these beds. If you wish to start your own saloon, then logon and look at the various offers available.