An Introduction To Commercial tanning Beds

There are two main varieties of commercial tanning beds available for sale in the market today. The more common bed type among the two is a horizontal tanning bed. It is found in a number of homes and commercial establishments. A horizontal tanning bed comes in a capsule or a clamshell form factor. The lid of this tanning bed has a number of tube shaped ultraviolet lamps. The person who needs to use tanning bed can lie down comfortably on a bed made of glass or plastic.

Usage of this type of tanning beds is very simple as well. All that the person who wants a tan in required to do is lie down on the bed and turn on the lamps. Midway during the session, once you are done with one side of your body, you have to turn over so that the other part of your body gets an equal amount of tan.

Then there are the vertical tanning beds which are also known as stand-ups or tanning booths. The entire interior of a tanning booth is filled with ultraviolet tanning lamps. The main advantage with this type of bed is that it can provide a same amount of tan to every single part of your body. Moreover it works at twice the speed of a horizontal bed since both the parts are covered at the same time.

A new type of beds known as high pressure tanning bed covers your body in an avalanche of UVA tanning rays with more intensity than with the UVB burning rays. The lamps in this new type of bed are made of quartz. The air pressure in these new breed lamps is kept higher during the manufacture process and this leads to a controlled flow of radiation out from the lamp.  A number of commercial beds come with this type of lamps as tanning is fast.

If you are about to invest in a tanning bed, make sure to check the UVB to UVA ratio of the bed. A ratio of 5:95 is fine enough. Also make sure to see that the bed has FDA required automatic lamp turn off system.