Advantages And Drawbacks Of Tanning Beds

The tanning bed is a new age beauty device. It is used to get artificial tan without having to lie in the sunlight for hours. The subject is exposed to ultraviolet radiation in a controlled manner. The best known advantage of getting a tan is the creation of melanin pigments. The melanin pigments are meant to protect our skin from the the burning effects of Ultraviolet rays.

When our body is exposed to the UV rays, it produces Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to be a catalyst in the apoptosis process. Experts inform that whereas the exposure to UV rays helps our body avoid the  possibility of catching carcinoma of the lymph nodes. On the flip side, prolonged exposure to these rays can lead to malignant melanoma of the skin in most people.

Recent studies show that in some cases, exposure to UV rays for a short period can also lead to premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and even genetic or molecular damage to the body. Similarly the exposure to ultraviolet radiation can leads to other tegument changes. These changes affect the wrinkles, cutis, especially its thickness and texture. It can also lead to dry skin, emergence of age spots as well as lead to the connecting tissues becoming weak.

Coming to the damage caused by radiation to your eye, you must know that since the radiation levels are very high as compared to the normal levels in earth's atmosphere, the eyes are in for a rough time. There are chances of retina damage, conceal burns even cataract. Keeping eyes closed or wearing sunglasses is not enough and unless you wear proper eye protection gear in the tanning machine, your eyes would be exposed to too much of damage.

What is more, if the tanning bed is not properly cleaned, you are inviting fungal rashes with open arms.  And oh, do you know that this damage can increase exponentially of the beauty experts fail to estimate your skin's ability to withstand radiation damage accurately!

The only advantage is that sun tanning beds might improve your looks but taking this much risk and exposing yourself to a potential health hazard just to get  temporary beautification is simply not worth it.