Sunscreen: The Most Effective Tool For Summers

After the long, dreary winters all love the chance to soak up the sun. But if adequate precautions are not taken while enjoying the sun, it could indeed be harmful for you.  So apply adequate sunscreen and only then step out into the sun. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is an important factor to be considered while you step out into the sun. The SPF of sunscreen is marked on the sunscreen bottle itself.

More the SPF, more the protection it offers. However, be sure to re-apply after every few hours. In case of swimming and perspiration, the frequency of application increases- even if the product is water-resistant.

There are two types of rays- UVA and UVB. Almost all the sunscreens offer protection against UVB but there is still no protection against UVA rays. Although some companies do advertise that they offer protection against UVA rays but then there is no system to rate the protection offered against them.

So all you can do to have protection against sunscreen is to apply and re-apply the sunscreen as much as possible.