Apply Tanning Lotions Before Tanning Sessions

Indoor tanning lotions ensure a tan without venturing out in the sun. You can achieve a sunless tan through many other ways as well. The reason behind these lotions being so popular is the fact that they contribute to the suppleness of the skin by retaining the requisite amount of moisture. The tanning process dries up the skin. Prolonged contact with the sun or artificial lights make your skin brittle by evaporating the moisture. This creates considerable risk of future carcinogenic developments. Indoor tanning lotions contain some ingredients which slow down the rate of evaporation of moistures. This is essential for the well-being of your skin.

The level of tan varies from person to person. Actually, it depends upon the quality of your skin. Even though you apply the same amount of lotion as another person, your tan may be better. Such variations indicate that you have a better and healthier skin than the other person.

Before you go for a tanning session, you should always remember to apply a judicious amount of tanning lotions on your body. Apart from preserving moisture level, these lotions also open up the pores of your skin thus, facilitating a higher absorption of light. What you get is a deeper tan, which lasts longer than the superficial ones. Tanning lotions enhance the health of your skin by functioning as a conditioner. Using lotions is not imperative however, but if used, they show better results.

The ingredients used in the lotions are of a wide range and are very different from one another. The list of ingredients includes natural sugar compounds, oxidizing agents like DHA, DNA enzymes, moisture retaining formulae, natural antioxidants etc. Also, a number of skin-hydrating elements and bronzing agents are added to the solutions. Each of these things separately contributes to the overall tanning process. The companies pump in lots of cash in research and development projects. At the end of the day, you are the prime beneficiary, as you emerge out of a tanning session looking more stunning than ever.