More than Just a Tan!

Check out the dairy of any fashion freaks and you are sure to find tanning as one of the hippest trends of this season.  The fairer than light skin tone is a passé. With the likes of glam divas like Megan Fox sporting that ever so seductive tan, tanning is indeed the mantra to look chic and trendy. But is tanning all about looking sexy or turning them on? Well, not really. Tanning may have up surged as a fashion trend but there are more benefits to it than just looking hot.  Check out the following benefits to know what good tanning has to do to you.

Boosting vitamin D

There is nothing that can match the importance of vitamin D, if healthy bones and teeth is what you are striving for. You could supply your body with adequate vitamin D with food like milk, fish, salmon and the like. But other than all these foods you could even supplement your vitamin D levels in the body with sunshine, which is a vital source for vitamin D. Tanning salons can provide this sunshine in optimum quantities thereby boosting your vitamin D level, without exposing your body to the negative effects of UV radiations.

Goodbye periodontal disease

If sound oral health is what is on your mind then you should strive to keep your calcium and vitamin D levels. Eating food rich in vitamin D is a good idea to keep your vitamin d levels at par, but may not be possible all the time. Tanning comes across as a good alternative here. Sunshine can provide you with adequate amount of vitamin D and thus keep your oral health intact. So that golden tan not just gives others the reason to drool over, but also gives you a reason to smile.

Fill your sunshine quotient

Energy is the only driving force for everything that is living on this planet. Though there are countless sources from where one can procure this energy, but it is the sun that stands to be the primary source of all energy on earth. To keep up our energy quotients, we all need to spend some time in the sun. But keeping those hectic schedules in view, most of us are not able to expose our body to adequate amount of sunlight. Tanning makes up for the deficit sunlight and peps up the nutrient and energy quotient.
All right, tanning is beneficial but this does not mean it is time for you to head to the beach. Tanning is good but if carried under controlled conditions. This is because your body needs only a moderate exposure to UV radiations. Any overdose could do you more bad than good. So tanning by all means is a win-win situation as it not just makes you look good but keeps your health in place too.