Wolff Tanning Bed Parts

Friedrich Wolff is regarded as the pioneer of tanning beds. It was his accidental discovery of UV bulbs that had opened the completely new industry of indoor tanning. Today the Tanning industry in theĀ  United States alone is worth aboutĀ  $5 billion annually.

If you are a tanning salon owner and use the Wolff brand of tanning beds, then make sure you take good care of these tanning beds. Equipment made by Wolff System is of extremely high quality and requires regular maintenance and care.

Some of the frequently asked questions on Wolff tanning bed parts are dealt with below.

Will a larger tanning bed give me a better tan?
It is pretty obvious that larger beds will have better bulbs and more of them in number. Moreover, the lamps are positioned in close proximity to each other giving you a tan that is more evenly spread.

However, the tan depends on the duration of a session and it has been usually found that larger beds require shorter sessions. With a larger tanning bed, you can have more customers visiting your salon.

How often do I have to replace the lamps?
Prolonged usage does not only reduce the quality of the bulbs, but it also reduces the quality of tan. The bulbs are the most essential and critical component of Wolff tanning beds. The maximum usage for a 100W bulb should be 700 to 1000 hrs of usage, whereas the maximum usage for a 160W bulb should 600 to 800 hrs.

However, if you are using 200W bulbs, then you need to replace them after every 500 to 700 hrs of usage. Lamps meant for tanning the skin are to be replaced after every 500 hrs of usage.

What are the benefits of a Buck Booster?
Tanning beds are extremely sensitive to variation in electrical voltage. A buck booster is an electronic transformer that automatically provides a fixed voltage to your tanning equipment by adjusting any variation in voltage. Using a buck booster is highly recommended to ensure that your tanning beds remain in good running condition.