Wolff Sunvision Tan Bed

The Wolff Sunvision tan bed is a market leader in terms of quality and innovation. The tanners provided by Wolff systems are trusted by people for their performance and reliability. The company sets standards for others to follow.

A Wolff tanning bed achieves a natural suntan in a controlled and regulated environment. It is safer than tanning outside. The lamps emit a perfect combination of UVA and UVB radiation that minimizes the risks to your skin and maximize the benefits, providing you a tan within the shortest possible time.

There are a number of tanning beds that are available today. Wolff tanning beds stand out as these beds give you an extraordinary and beautiful tan.

There are number of models within the Wolff Sunvision Range of tanning beds

1. The Sunvision Elite Series is one of the foremost models. The features are:
* Canopy of 16 100 w Wolff bulbs
* Bench has 16 100 w Wolff reflector lamps
* Optional Facials with three 400 w facial lamps 
* Digital security timer for perfectly timed sessions
* twenty minutes of session time
* Super flow inner cooling system
* Progressive after tan cooling system

2. Sunvision Elite 30 series
* Canopy has 16 100 w Wolff reflector lamps.
* The bench has 14 100 w Wolff bulbs.
* Perfect digital timer for trace of time
* The session time is 25 minutes
* This model has a twenty-four months silver medal warranty

3. The 28LE 2F series

The 28LE 2F Wolff Sunvision tan bed is a spasmodic bed with features like:-the following features

* Canopy has fourteen 100 w lamps
* Bench is equipped with fourteen 100 w lamps
* Facial tanner has two 400 w facial lamps 
* Super flow inward cooling system
* After tanning cooling system
* 220 V circuit 

This is just an overview of the range of tanning solutions provided by Wolff Systems.