What Makes TheSunless tanning Sprays So Popular

A number of people need the tan only for a single special evening in their lives. This may be their first date or their marriage. In most cases, they take a look at all the ways to get a sun tan and finally decide that taking a traditional sun bath is the best way to get the sun tan. But do you know that getting a sun tan, the old fashioned way requires elaborate protective measures. Sunless tanning sprays are the best way out as of now.

You can find the sunless tanning sprays in a number of sun tanning salons, upmarket spas and beauty clinics. They can cost you anywhere between $25 to $100 or even more. It depends upon the requirement of the person and number of sessions required by the skin to catch the tan properly. The spray is made of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This DHA is applied in a very fine, misty form to all the parts of the body person who wants to have the sun tan.

The DHA enters in a chemical reaction with the dead skin cells of the skin of that individual and makes it turn brown or bronze in color. Almost all the people who have used these sunless tanning sprays inform that the spray was effective and provided good overall results. Under normal conditions, the result of a spray lasts about a week. It weans off as new skin cells replace the older ones.

These sunless tanning sprays may either be made of oil base or water base. A water based spray is more advised to people who have sensitive skin. FDA approved DHA way back in 1070s to it is not only safe but has grown more and more effective after constant ongoing research. Please keep in mind that the sunless tanning lotions change the color of your skin by a chemical reaction so it might lead to some odor. This can be removed by having a nice shower. Do not worry, your clothes would not be affected.

Sunless spray cans are meant to deliver the best possible results but they can only be achieved when they are used in the proper manner by following all guidelines and precautions.