What Are Best Sunless Tanning Products?

There are several varieties of tanning products available in the market and it is next to impossible to say, what are best sunless tanning products? The quality of a tanning product is basically decided by its effectiveness and efficacy to tan. Majority of tanning equipment are safe but, none of them provide you with complete protection from harmful UV or ultraviolet rays. You have to go for extra care to protect yourself from skin cancer or other dermal diseases. There are certain methods like sunless tanning pills and tanning beds to have indoor tanning, yet research has shown they too tend to be harmful. The tanning pills have not been approved by FDA and are considered to be harmful.

One more factor to be noticed while selecting the best tanning product is its effectiveness. Spray tans are considered to bestow the long lasting effect. The next point to be seen is how do they work on different skin types. Results of sunless tanning products vary from person to person and skin to skin. Fair-skinned people have more tendency to burn as compared to dark-skinned people, when going for sun tanning or sunless tanning under the tanning bulbs.

Another effective and the best sunless tanning products is airbrush tanning. This is one of the safest methods of tanning in which airbrush delivery system is used for applying the tanning lotion. Here, application is easy and it's more effective as compared to others. The harmful effects of sun tanning have compelled people to go for sunless tanning. But, one should see that improper usage of these products may land one in great trouble. Therefore, it is always advised to consult your dermatologist or skin-expert before going for any of these sunless tanning products.