Use Tanning Pills

Tanning Pills are one of the very effective tanning products. They are widely used for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations. Also, tanning pills increase the amount of tan. A tan can be defined as a process in which the skin color changes into brown due to the exposure to sunlight. Tanning pills are in use for a long time. In fact, the consumers of tanning pills are spread all around the earth, which includes many celebrities and sunbathing people..

Tanning Pills are of many types. Generally, these can be divided into two types. The first type is the one which contains canthaxanthin. The second type is the one which has amino acids.

1st type: Containing canthaxanthin.

Canthaxanthin is one of the natural and nutritionary supplements. Organic in nature,it is found in various plants. Canthaxanthin is responsible for the red coloration of different eatables like fruits and vegetables. Also, it is used in many fruit drinks and sauces as a non-poisonous coloring agent. It also provides a tan color to the skin. This tan color has a natural appearance. This explains the usage of canthaxanthin in tanning pills.

These tanning pills are used everywhere. It provides a safe and efficient way to minimize the harmful aftermaths of ultraviolet radiations present in the sun rays. The coloration of the skin can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the intake of these tanning pills. Tanning pills containing canthaxanthin are generally consumed after the meals, all through the day. Though one may consult a qualified doctor for their usage.

2nd type: Containing amino acids.

The second type of tanning pills contains amino acids. Amino acids present in the human body are responsible for the formation of tissue proteins, skin, and enzymes. Amino acids also produce the pigment “melanin”, which plays a vital role in providing the golden brownish color to the skin. The tanning pills having amino acids, are the best option to multiply the formation of melanin pigments. These tannings pills are a natural way to get the right skin color along with getting protection from harmful radiations.

Some important points about tanning pills

Tanning pills containing canthaxanthin can result in the reddish color of the body waste. This is due to the vast presence of non-metabolized canthaxanthin in the body. Orange-bronze color of palms and feet is caused due to the exceeding amount of intake of tanning pills comprising of canthaxanthin.
Sometimes, an additional suncream may be required with particular tanning pills. So, guidance of a health professional should be taken for the consumption of tanning pills.

Irrespective of the claimed beneficial effects of tanning pills, most of these have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The reason is its unsparing side effects. Some tanning pills simply turn the skin color into orange rather than the claimed tan color. Also, some tanning pills results in the unordered placement of pigments in the body. This causes some imperfect results. Although, tanning pills are extremely popular, their use has not been recommended by leading health professionals and FDA.