Types Of Tanning Pills And Their Working

When it is about tanning pills, they can be broadly categorized into two types. While one type of tanning pill needs some amount of UV exposure to give you that perfect tan, the other one works solely on its own.

Tanning pills that do not require UV exposure
You can rely solely on this category of tanning pills to get that darkened complexion. Tanning pills that do not require UV exposure make use of a substance called carotenoids, which are natural pigments. These pills focus on building up the carotenoid level to give you a fake tan. It must be noted that an increase in the carotenoid level causes a change in the skin color.

These tanning pills contain a substance called canthaxanthin, which is the active carotenoid present in these tanning pills. When you consume these pills, the canthaxanthin attaches itself to the fat layers that are present under the skin. It changed the color of fat cells which subsequently changes the color of the skin cells and shows through

* It does not require you to lie in the sun.
* You can get an instant tan with the help of these tanning pills.

* It does not offer any kind of protection against UV.
* These tanning pills offer a temporary tan which begins to fade out once you stop using these pills.
* You need to use these tanning pills in high concentration in order to get a proper tan. FDA tags such high concentration of these tanning pills as unsafe.

The use of these tanning pills is determined upon your body weight. You need to follow this dosage till the time your body reaches the saturation point. Once your body reaches saturation point, the dosage is halved. Make sure that you consume these pills after meals.

  More than100 lbs.   4 tablets
  100-159 lbs.   5 tablets
  160-200 lbs.   6 tablets
  Less than 200 lbs.   7 tablets

Tanning pills that require UV exposure
This group of tanning pills needs you to expose yourself to some amount of UV along with consuming the tanning pills. These tanning pills require UV exposure to produce melanin in the body. This tanning pill stimulates the production of melanin inside the body. It must be noted that I is the skin pigment melanin that is responsible for changing the color of the skin.

After your skin is exposed to UV, these tanning pills synthesize the production of melanin inside the body. The melanin engulfs the skin cells which results in a change in color.

* It produces a natural tan.
* The tan produced with these tanning pills offers UV protection.
* It does not fade away easily.

* These tanning pills require some time before they can deliver results.

You are required to take one single pill a day.