Top 5 Tanning Lotions At A Glance

Not everyone likes to get baked in the sun to get that sun kissed look. If you too are one of them then sunless tanning lotions are the best choice for you. Though the market is flooded with tanning lotions, there are only a few that give you an even and flawless tan. Here is a rundown of the top 5 tanning lotions that will help you get that perfect bronzed look.

Hemperor Maxxxed out Bronze
For those who wish to keep their skin soft and supple along with getting a tan, the Hemperor Maxxxed out Bronze is the way to go. This sunless tanning lotion is packed with hemp seed oil, shea butter and several exotic oils that give you the smoothest tan ever. All the ingredients of this sunless tanning lotion are blended in an aloe base to give you an even and rich tan.

Campus Diva
In case you are looking for an absolutely dark tan, the campus Diva tanning lotion is the best choice. Amidst numerous other tanning lotions, this one offers you the deepest skin tan. It makes use of acai extract along with several power packed antioxidants that give you a rich tan. Comprising of several exotic fruit extracts, this one ensures that you do not have to deal with pungent smell of tanning lotions.

West Palm Bronzer
This sunless tanning lotion offers you the smoothest and the deepest tan possible. While it gives you a luxurious tan with a super silicone blend, it also rejuvenates your skin with countless vitamins and minerals. It provides you extreme levels of tanning and stays on for the longest time possible. However, this tanning lotion is slightly expensive at $40.

Brown Sugar Dark Princess
Comprising of 5 different silicones that melt in to your skin, this sunless tanning lotion offers you a rich and wonderful tan. It makes use of several exotic bronzing extracts that give your skin the perfect sun-kissed look. In addition, it also makes use of ingredients like acai berry extract and monio de Tahiti flower extract that pamper your skin. This sunless tanning lotion is available in several fragrances like fresh melon, nutty lime, tonka bean and the like.

Diamond Strength Ultra Dark
As the name suggests, this sunless tanning lotion gives you the darkest tan possible. Along with giving you a bronzed look, it also works as an anti aging agent. It slows down the process of aging making your skin look younger than ever. With this sunless tanning lotion, your skin is bound to feel invigorated and moisturized. This sunless tanning lotion is rated as the highest tanning accelerator.

Go ahead and get that perfect tan right at the comfort of your own home with these top sunless tanning lotions.