To Or Not To Use Tanning Pills

Tanning happens to be a fashion rage in America. And when it comes to safe and natural modes of tanning, such as suntan, people are even more crazier about it.

But busy folks, despite having a strong urge for suntan, are usually unable to manage spare time for an extended period of sun bath. That's why they always look for alternative options to catch up with the fashion that has almost become a passion. They don't want to deprive themselves of tan as it adds to their trendy outlook. For that, they seek alternative tanning options. And one such tanning option which is gaining popularity is tanning pills.

Interestingly, amidst all kinds of criticism from skin care specialists and dermatologists, tanning pills are popular. Most of these pills are not approved to be used as an alternative to suntan. In fact many doctors have related skin cancer with its use which clearly suggests that using tanning pills could be a dangerous affair. However, their manufacturers claim that pills provide you with tan color in no time.

So decision to use or not to use tanning pills solely lies with you. And only when you are sure that it gives you the desired skin color, you should go ahead with it. Plus, always monitor yourself against side effects.

Lastly, how does tanning pills work? Tanning pills are said to change white color of skin into brown or tan color. These pills are of various types and perform differing functions for a unified goal of providing you a tanned skin.

One such genre of pill offers you carotenoids that give you a brownish tan look. Carotenoids are extracted from carrots. Their constant use over a period of time would result in a tan color of your skin. Caretonoids get deposited under the epidermis to give you tan look.

The other genres of pills are said to influence the function of melanin as well as help cells produce melanin in plenty to give a tan color. These are often termed as enhancers. Most often these pills are made up of tyrosine amino acids.