The Tanning Bed Lotion: Shake Well Before Applying

There are a number of tanning beds and lotions available in the market today. You can not only get them in the usual cream form but also in the extra swanky gel or commonplace oil form. The basic function of these is lotions is to act as a catalyst in the tanning process when you use a tanning bed. He tanning lotion helps you avoid some of the harmful effects of a tanning bed and increase the overall speed at which your skin catches the tan.

While the name “tanning lotion” might invoke a number of extraordinary feelings about the role of this lotion in tanning process, let us do an unbiased analysis of what it can actually do. We shall try to find out if these lotions are worth the money that you have to spend on them.

In this review we take some of the expensive lotions. These lotions last about 2 months. They are available for $20 a bottle. The bottles offer more than decent value for money at the price they offer.

The other type of tanning bed lotion is comparatively cheaper. It is available in pouches and can be had for as low as $2 per pouch which is enough for a single usage. Since these lotions are comparatively cheaper you should not expect results equal to the $20 lotions but they are still able to render decent results.

Then there are the mid range lotions like the ones carried by Wal-Mart. At just $10, they offer more than simply value for money. They are equal to the $20 lotion when it comes to results but yet do not qualify as expensive.

The very basic thing that you must know is that you should not be bothered about buying the exorbitantly priced ones. They are not known to be extremely different or more effective than the traditional ones. You can expect more than just a decent tan but the final results should depend on your type of skin, length of time you spend in the tanning bed and a number of other aspects.