Tanning Wipes Are The New Age Tanning Equipment

Professional tanning salons are the perfect door that leads to your highly coveted goal of that bronzed glow. But not all of us have the luxury of time and money to avail the services of a tanning salon. For those who do not find tanning salon to be a convenient option, tanning wipes can serve as good alternatives.

Tanning wipes are another in line of over the counter products such as tanning lotions, sprays and creams. These wipes are much like facial wipes and need to be rubbed on the skin to create a fake tan. Made of a porous and thick tissue, these tanning wipes are absolutely easy to use.

The tanning wipes are moistened with various tanning solutions and moisturizers. As you swipe them across your face, the tanning solution gets applied on the skin. They serve as a good alternative to tanning creams, lotions and sprays.

Advantages and disadvantages
There are various factors that stand in favor of these tanning wipes. One of them is the cost. There are many of us who cannot afford a tanning session at a professional tanning salon. Tanning wipes prove to be an economical alternative here. They are much cheaper as compared to the fees you are charged at tanning salons.

Ease of usage is yet another factor that makes these tanning tissues a hot favorite just swipe them around the face and other body parts as you do with any other tissue. That is precisely just it. No applying of tanning lotions and sitting for long hours.

The problem of uneven colors and crease lines that exists with other tanning method is not prevalent with tanning wipes. They offer you a relatively even tan as compared to other tanning methods. The only drawback is that they offer temporary tans which usually last for about a week.

Types of tanning wipes
There are various types of tanning wipes available in the market. However, they may be readily categorized into two main categories namely exfoliating tanning wipes and DHA tanning wipes. Whilst both these wipes have the same purpose, they work in slightly different manners.

As the name suggests exfoliating tanning wipes contain scrubbing agents that smooth the skin. This enables better absorption of tanning chemicals. DHA tanning wipes on the other hand contain a natural tanner known as DHA which readily gets absorbed into the body. While exfoliating tanning wipes offer long lasting results, DHA tanning wipes offer deeper tans.

So, you can easily make your pick depending upon the kind of results that you are looking for. To sum up, tanning wipes are a great option for anyone who is looking for a temporary tan. Keep them handy to get that sun-kissed within minutes whenever you desire.