Tanning Stickers Offer Style And Serve The Purpose

Tanning stickers are the latest buzzword in the world of tanning. They offer you the dual purpose of style and functionality. With these stickers at your aid, you can create the sexiest sun tan tattoos. While these stickers help you make a style statement, they serve functionality as well by helping you monitor your tanning.

Make a style statement
Nothing looks better than a tanned tattoo. Tanning stickers help you create sun tan tattoos with ease. Of course, you can opt for the regular inking methods to get a tattoo. But, the inked tattoos cause pain, which is not the case with sun tan tattoos. Besides, inked tattoos are a passé and sun tan tattoos are in vogue. Have them on your favorite body part and you are sure to make a style statement.

Monitor your tanning
Tanning stickers are the perfect choice if you want to monitor your tan. Simply stick them on before you head for your tanning session. Once the tanning session is over, remove them. The difference in the color of your skin and the skin that is covered by the sticker will help you know whether you have been able to tan effectively or not.

Easy to use
Tanning stickers are absolutely easy to use. You need to use them the way you would use any other sticker. Simply stick them on the area where you would want the tattoo before you go for your tanning session. While the rest of your skin turns darker, the skin covered under the sticker remains in a fairly lighter shade. So, once you are done with your tanning, you can remove the sticker and flaunt your tattoo.

Cool options to choose from

* Playboy bunny- This is one of the most popular options in tanning stickers. It looks cool on both men as well as women. You can place them over your wrist, hand or even your elf. If you are considering these tanning stickers, go in for the ones in smaller size as the larger ones don't create much of a mark.
* Dragonfly- The dragonfly tanning tattoo is slightly feminine and works better on women. This one looks really cool on the shoulders, back and the waist line. If you are trying to get experimental then you could place it on your navel as well.
* Heart- Cute and sweet, these work well on everyone. The best part about these tanning stickers is that they are available in a wide range of sizes. So, if you are a little apprehensive about using them, you can opt for the small sized stickers. Placing several heart tanning stickers in a row can also help you come with a cool sun tan tattoo.