Tanning Lotions for Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning lotions are very necessary if you are thinking of getting a tan in a tanning bed. These lotions help to prevent unpleasant side effects such as rashes, sunburn. Applying these lotions protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and provides your skin with a healthy tanned look.

There are tanning lotions that are meant for indoor as well as outdoor use. Outdoor tanning lotions are basically sunscreens that help to prevent the penetration of harmful UV radiation that destroys the skin cells below the epidermis. Indoor tanning lotions not only help to protect your skin but also to enhance the tan of your body.

The indoor tanning lotions not only provide a tan, but also help to moisturize, nourish and oxygenate your skin.

There are two varieties of tanning lotions.

1 SPF lotions for sunscreen protection
2 DHA lotions that are self-tanning lotions

The indoor tanning lotions with SPF formula protect the skin from sunburn and help to nourish your skin. The DHA formula based lotions have agents to stimulate the tan giving certain pigment nourishment on your skin. Some brands of indoor tanning lotion are based on both formulae.

The skin is tanned effectively and tanning lotions are widely in use so that the problems to the skin do not occur. The western countries are very vigorously picking up the culture of tanning and the tanning lotion popularity is also growing fast. People who have lower melanin content in the skin may benefit by using a tanning lotion as the lotion helps then to change the color of the skin.

Since there is such a demand for tanning lotions, cosmetic manufacturers are always striving to improve their products and launch new features. Tanning as a practice is here to stay and the tanning service industry is growing tremendously every year.