Get Tanned With Tanning Injections

The sun kissed look is the latest trend this season. From the conventional sunbathing to the newly introduced professional tanning salons, people are trying numerous methods to darken their skin color. Yet another method that is being tried to get that sun tan is tanning injections.

Tanning injections make use of a new type of peptide compound which is also known as melanotan. This drug effectively darkens the skin color. For those who are looking for an efficient sunless tanning solution, tanning injections are the perfect choice.

Whenever your skin is exposed to Ultraviolet radiations, melanocytes are released in your body as a defense mechanism to protect your skin from harmful UV radiations. It is these melanocytes that are responsible to darken the skin. Melanotan causes your body to release these hormones and eventually leads to a tanned body.

There are numerous benefits of using tanning injections over other methods of tanning such as tanning lotions and tanning beds. Tanning beds cause skin darkening by exposing your skin to harmful UV rays that bring along various risks such premature aging, skin wrinkling and even more serious ones such as skin cancer.

Since tanning injections make use of hormones and not UV radiations, they successfully eliminate the risks that are accompanied with other tanning methods. Thus, tanning injections prove to be a lot safer method to get a skin tan as opposed to sun bathing, and professional tanning salons.

Further on, yet another major benefit of tanning injections is that they offer an absolutely smooth and perfect overall tan. Most tanning methods tan only particular parts of your body. This means that they are not able to tan those body parts that are covered. Also, tanning beds and sun bathing, cause an uneven tan and tanning lines on different parts of the body.

However, this is not the case with tanning injections. These injections stimulate a tan from within your body. Thus, it gives you an overall and perfect tan. It is for this reason that the melanotan used in tanning injections is also known as the 'Barbie doll drug' because it produces a flawless tan evenly across the entire body. When compared to tanning lotions that wash off and tanning beds that cause an uneven tan, tanning injections prove to be a much better option.

Till now, there are no such known side effects of tanning injections. There is an ongoing research on the substance used in these tanning injections to determine their efficacy and safety. Experts are of the opinion that one should refrain from using these tanning injections till the time their safety status is well figured out. They state that injecting your body with an untested substance can always be risky.

Thus, tanning injections may be the perfect thing to get that bronzed look but it is suggested that you wait for some time till they get the expert's approval.