All About Tanning Bed Bulbs

During  the late 1970s, German inventor Friedrich Wolff discovered that it was possible to achieve a tan by using an ultraviolet emitting light bulb. He understood the potential of such a discovery and went on to pioneer the tanning industry. He invented a number of tanning products. To sell these products, he created a company called Wolff Systems.

Today, the market has been flooded with innumerable brands of tanning bed bulbs. However, only a few companies have been able to qualify for the much-coveted Wolff’s certificate. Listed below are  the esteemed brands of tanning bed bulbs  along with their USP.

Wolff Bellarium S Tanning Bed Bulbs: For generations, this brand and their products have been considered as the industry standard. One USP of this bulb is that it has a very economical phosphor blend.  It is one of the best brands available in the market.

Wolff Accelerator Tanning Bed Bulbs: This bulb is available in clusters and produces equal amounts of UVA and UVB rays. This makes  it an industrial favorite and is preferred by indoor saloon owners. It is rated as the best in the industry because it gives optimum output.

Wolff Speed 175 Tanning Bed Bulbs: Another brand bulbs from the Wolff  repertoire, these bulbs are only meant for exclusive use at  the speed of 175 Systems. These bulbs are not sold separately. They are available with the standard equipment of the SPEED 175 Systems.

Wolff Velocity Tanning Bed Bulbs: These bulbs provide  golden brown tan. The bulbs come with a phosphorous makeover and have a very long life. Moreover, they generate only required  amount of UVA and UVB that ensures prevents over exposure and skin burn.

Wolff Diamond Sun S Tanning Bed Bulbs –  This bulbs has a unique feature. The UVA and UVB are customizable as per customer preference.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.