Do You Know It All About Tanning Accelerators?

Are you heading out to the beach this season in the hope of coming back as a bronzed Greek God or goddess? However, it may not be easy to get a tan if you're going for a short duration. But, tanning accelerators are available to beat that situation.

What is a tanning accelerator?
As the name suggests, the tanning accelerator works to accelerate your tan. In other words, it increases the natural melanin production of your skin when exposed to the UV or ultraviolet rays of the sun. The process enhances your skin colour with minimal exposure to the sun. Tanning accelerators can come in many forms including- pills and lotions.

Ingredients Used In Tanning Accelerator
One of the most common ingredients of tanning accelerators is the psolaren- an extract of citrus oil and other plant substances, most commonly found in lime. It is a type of an amino acid which stimulates your pigment cells and induces them to produce more melanin during sun exposure- giving you a tan at a faster pace. Therefore, tanning accelerators can cut down on the amount of sun exposure time by accelerating the tanning process.

The amino acid Tyrosine is another common ingredient found in tanning accelerators. It functions are similar to that of psolaren and it helps stimulate the pigment cells for melanin production. However, this particular substance's effectiveness as a tan accelerator has not been researched or documented as yet.

Is Using a Tanning Accelerator Safe?
The FDA or the Food and Drug Association are yet to give their official stamp of approval to both- psolaren and tyrosine. Therefore, consider the safety issues thoroughly before you use tanning accelerators consisting of these two substances. What's more, psolaren in particular may render your skin more sensitive to light. However, since there is no absolute safe way to get a tan, a tanning accelerator may just be the most harmless method in comparison to its alternatives.

Also, while the tanning accelerators minimise the time required under the sun for a tan, they do not allow for the use of sunscreen as a precaution against the harmful rays. Sunscreen can slow the effectiveness of tanning accelerators and therefore, most people do not use it when using the latter product. This leaves their skin unprotected and open to sun damage.

Tanning Accelerator Costs and Availability
The tanning accelerator can cost anything starting from $5, depending upon the brand and the size of the bottle. They may be purchased from local beauty supply shops or online sites of tanning accelerator manufacturers or suntan lotion discount websites.

The tanning accelerator can help you get an even tan within a short span of time. However, given that there is no guarantee of its exact effects on the skin, you need to ask yourself whether the investment is worth the money spent.