Sunless Tanning Pills

There are number of ways to get a skin tan but people who want the easiest and most convenient way to get a skin tan are prone to be attracted towards the sunless tanning pills. Please keep in mind that there are no solid proofs about the safety of these sunless tanning pills. They are known to be unsafe and the FDA does not approve of people using the sunless tanning pills. You must know that the sunless tanning pills are both dangerous and in some cases totally ineffective.

Generally the sunless tanning pills are made of different ingredients. In some cases, you would not be able to find that actual ingredients of the sunless tanning pills on the packaging of these pills. The two common ingredients of the sunless tanning pills are tyrosine or caretenoid pigments. In some cases they include some over hyped multivitamins. Apart from this the companies generally do not put anything except some nutritional supplements.

The principle behind the working of sunless tanning pills is that thy alter the pigmentation of our skin. While this may work the correct way in some cases, in a number of cases, it my not work at all or work to negligible limits only.  Your skin might turn to a funny looking orange color in which you would be midway between the color of a tan and the original color of your skin. If  you are really unlucky you would get a horrible looking uneven tan where your sin would become multi color with different skin tones at different places.

The principle behind the working of caretenoid skin tanning pills is that they would deposit the pigment in the fat layers. These fat layers are below the skin. But the amount of consumption which is required to give the tan is too much. The FDA has deemed it unsafe and does not recommend that people use it. Tyrosine is also a non essential amino acid and your body can do without it very well. getting a good skin tan would be a great idea but you should not risk your health by using the unless tanning pills.