Spray Tanning Beds May Work For You!

There are several kinds of tanning machines available in the market and among them, one of the popular tanning machine is called spray tanning machine. You can get your desired tan by using tanning bed or spray machines. It sounds like a different kind of experience whereas the concept of tanning is usually on the beach.

When you are going to use tanning beds, you should look into some of the precautions. Tanning bed performs tanning in a controlled environment. Since the tanning bulbs on tanning beds emit UA and UB rays, this gives you the same tan like you get under the sun. However, coming to tanning at salons, they are having a bit advantage over the other counterparts. There you can control the tan keeping the time period in mind and this gives you less exposure to UV rays and less harm. With UVB rays being less harmful, they give you the golden brown look.

Once you are on the beach, you simply forget about and at times spend longer period of time under the sun which is ultimately over-exposure. That is why the tanning beds in the tanning salons are very popular. You can also use the tanning bed in winter and it gives the same ultraviolet radiation that is in the sun. Since sun is not available much in winter, this is a great alternate option.

With the spray tanning machines, you get tanning with the help of airbrush. In this type of tanning method, a liquid called dihydroxyacetone is applied over body with airbrush or spray nozzle before the tanning process. You cannot get coppertone products online in the middle of winter. There is also another method available for tanning and that’s called jet tan airbrush tanning method.  This consists of barrier cream and an instant tanner.

In jet airbrush tanning method, nice tan is produced by amino acids and all you need is an instant bronzer. You get a beautiful golden bronzed look in this type of tanning. The solution used in it is very effective. However, it is very important to have a base tan before you start doing tanning using tanning machines. The whole process takes 6 to 8 sessions and it all depends on the skin pigmentation.