Spray Tan Concept to Give the Natural Tanning Look

I read the most bizarre study recently concerning the sun. It basically encouraged men to sun bathe. The essay went on to describe the positive effects of the sun regarding men. Apparently it has been proven that sunlight helps prevent prostate cancer. Who'd have ever guessed this? Vitamin E is a main factor here. As you probably already know, the sun offers this. On the other hand, the piece also described how the sun can lead to certain types of skin cancer. But, seeing how prostate cancer is more severe, they encouraged regular sun bathing. Isn't the conclusion of this study fairly odd? I think so! There are definitely better ways to prevent prostate cancer, but that's a different article. I am here to recommend spray tan instead of a real tan. This is a contemporary method that doesn't lead to cancer.

Self tanner has been around for a number of years. Let me think about this for a moment. I first tried this stuff back in the 11th grade. That would have been in 1993. I purchased some random self tanner at a local drugstore and started massaging it into my legs. Did it work? Of course it did! It made my legs a brownish orange hue, along with my shorts and part of my white T-shirt. Yeah, all in all good stuff! Of course you can tell I'm being completely sarcastic here. The stuff was worthless. Nothing like the spray tan offered in salons today. All across the U.S. this new method of tanning is becoming all the rage. Folks will continue to crave a nice golden tan, but no one wants to deal with the routine aftermath. I am referring to the effects of the sun. They are harsh and sometimes irreversible. From skin cancer, to age spots, to premature wrinkles, the list goes on. YUCK!

If you've always been a regular sun bunny, and simply can't survive without a constant tan, then you may want to give the new spray tan concept a shot. It's like having your body airbrushed by professionals. You can't compare it to that old-school self tanner that made your legs orange. Spray tan is the way of the future. Are you ready to get your tan on?