Spray Tan- A Boon in Artificial Tanning

I had never heard of spray on tans until I saw an episode of Friends where Ross kept getting sprayed on one side so that he was white on one and deep bronze on the other. It was quite a funny episode, but it was definitely my first introduction to this style of fake tan application. For all I knew, you could only apply a fake tan by rubbing lotions into your skin and waiting for a darker shade to develop. I looked in my local phone book and sure enough, there were quite a few places that do this type of tan application near me.

As far as I know, there are two ways to get spray on tans in a salon. On Friends, you went into a booth and a machine sprayed one side of your body and then you turn around and it sprays the other. I have also seen where there is a real person giving you spray on tans, though I can’t imagine ever wanting to do that. If you are in any way self conscious about your body, it might be very hard to stand almost nude, or completely nude in front of a stranger so they can spray a tan on you. However, if you get a bikini wax on a regular basis, this might be a walk in the park for you.

You may also find kits in the store that allow you to get spray on tans at home. This might be tricky however, because you have to have someone do it for you, or you have to do it yourself. Unless you are an expert contortionist, you are going to miss a lot of skin if you attempt to do it yourself. Spray on tans are much easier to apply than by applying with lotion, but you are still going to have problems when attempting it yourself. If you don’t have someone at home you trust to help you, you may want to go to a salon.

When you attempt to do spray on tans at home, make sure you take care of your skin before you start. Patches of dry skin will soak up more of the tan, and can make you look blotchy and it will not look natural. Scrub and moisturize in the days leading up to applying spray on tans, and make sure you take good care of your skin after the tan has been applied. A spray on tan can look very natural, and is certainly better for you than the sun, but you’ll hate it if it does not look good on your skin.